How To Save 80% On Tech From Dick Smith Electronics

How To Save 80% On Tech From Dick Smith Electronics

How you can save up to 80% on the same tech from Dick Smith Electronics, Yes on price and product comparisons this seems to be true. heyimmanuel is extremely competitive when it comes to saving customers in Australia and the world money on electronics, with up to an 80% saving on the same or simlar products from Dick Smith Electronics.

Dick smith electronics offers a wide range of brands and gadgets, heyimmanuel in comparison have a much more competitive price, this is because of their online direct sell sales model, saving customers money.

With shop fronts, there are massive costs involved and this is represented in prices on products. EG: Dick Smith electronics sells a Apple 5c phone for $529 where heyimmanuel sells the same phone with a extra case for $329.00 which is a massive saving of $200.00    (as of 19/06/2015) thats around 45% saving and with their FREE bonuses offers that come with the product this would be close to a 65% saving.) .

heyimmanuel is all about the customer, they understand that consumer don’t want to pay top dollar when you can have an extra $50-$300 of saved dollars to  purchase on another product and why wouldnt we as consumers. heyimmanuel offers fast shipping, lean prices and great customer service and in comparrison to Dick Smith Electonics you can see the price differences.

heyimmanuel was founded in 2013 as there was a need in the market to offer affordable consumer electronics, noticing how expensive branded products were here to purchase. heyimmanuel wanted to make technology affordabe for eveyone and their is only one way to do this and that is to change the traditional retail business model.

Dick smith electronics have always been a popular store and still are, but it is time to cut out middle men and sell direct saving on wholesalers and importers before the retail shops sell to you, this is how heyimmanuel operates and will continue to do so to save and offer you rock bottom prices.

heyimmanuel offers many branded products like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and Motorolla, gadgets, accessories and lifestyle or homware products. It is definitely worth checking out  and comparing prices and value against  and other electronics retailers in the world.

Thei friendly staff via email and live chat and they also offer very fast shipping using Australia Post and DHL, you won’t be disappointed with purchasing from heyimmanuel.

Also the first time ever have i seen this, while stock lasts a list of free products on offer, yes that is correct, FREE products from the  website being phone cases, charges and batteries and other things also. All you have to pay is the low postage cost and you really can not get cheaper than this anywhere, not that i have seen anyway,  i dont kno how long this will last but i would definately take advantage of this, so if you want to save heyimmanuel can do this for you.