Free Products From New Tech Site Smashes JB HIFI Prices

Free Products From New Tech Site Smashes JB HIFI Prices

 jb hifi is currently having there claimed cheapest prices smashed by new online tech retailer heyimmanuel.  This new online tech seller is currently  offering customers Free products  like Batteries, USB cables, chargers, phone cases and so much more with 100’s of FREE tech products and the biggesst brands like Samsung, Apple and more on offer, which this is far beyond any absolute bargain beyond a bargain on offer.                                                                

This offer is smashing tech giant jb hifi and the first time offer from any Australian online retailer, with giving away 100’s products on offer for Free , products being grabbed by Australian consumers every single  hour.

heyimmanuel offers some of the  worlds best prices on electronics and lifestyle products, jb hifi  claim to have the best prices in Australia, this claim by jb hifi is  totally smashed by  heyimmanuel’s FREE product offer. with their FREE products and up to  50% cheaper on the  same products offered on the latest phones, tablets, gadgets and accessories.

heyimmanuel standard pricing is  up to 50% off normal retail pricing anyway, trading is based on a direct sell business model, selling online directly to the consumer, saving customers huge discounts on normal retail pricing with their direct sell model.


As the internet grows consumers naturally accepting web based shopping as a choice of convenience and saving, these are some of the most important things and something for any consumer to consider when making any purchase. In our tough economic climate today, Australian consumers are needing to save on everyday costs, so finding a great deal is no longer a bonus but an essential way to shop,  especially on items like phones, laptops and gadgets, as most consumers  find it a priority to have the newest and latest  gadget when it comes to consumer tech and heyimmanuel wants assist with consumers with a better price, better value and offers like no other.

jb hifi claim to offer cheap prices on great brands, you must remember, that due to their business model of  the the traditional bricks and mortar  store, this  comes with a  large running  costs, heavy over heads for shopfronts and sales staff costs. Heavy over heads have to be found surfacing some where, unfortunately jb hifi prices are more expensive because of this, a Samsung s5 phone from jb hifi price is $664.00 plus postage, heyimmanuel is $479.00 which is a $220.00 saving (as of the 19/06/2015) which is huge difference being nearly 50% off  the jb hifi RPR.

Delivery service is fast from heyimmanuel with anywhere in Australia for 3 – 5 business days,  were jb hifi offers 5 – 7 business days for handling and then 5 – 7 business days for delivery, so a total of 14 days which is not convenient shopping at all.

jb hifi is both online and shopfront, so this is where  we can find the  weak link to their pricing occurs,  heyimmanuel is online only, not having the expensive bricks and mortar store model, which holds a lot of extra costs being added on to the consumers price on products.

FREE product offers have been grabbed from their Free online section on first day of launch, where items like Cases, Chargers, adapters and many other tech product lines  and products brands like Apple, were on offer for consumers.

With this new offer never ever seen before up to now, consumers are discovering heyimmanuel as a shoppers gold mine with many new products being added on a regular basis, so please don’t miss out as offers only available, while stock lasts.

So when shopping online for your next high tech gadget, heyimmmanuel offers unbelievable prices complementary bonuses with many products on sale.

heyimmanuel is an Australian company, sending products directly to you by either Australia Post or DHL for fast delivery across Australia or around the world.  1 year warranty is offered on all products purchased and customer service through chat and online ticket system offers you peace of mind, If looking for unbelievable deals and specials they have on offer and for faster and better savings with online shopping you cannot go past heyimmanuel.